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What is TaoTime?

TaoTime is a dream tracking software with extra features. Its development took me over a year and I developed it so I could track every aspect of my life.  The main advantage compared to the competitors is the local database - everything you save in the app is stored locally, it isn't held in any online cloud. You own your data.

 I was curious if I could see any patterns in my life that I wasn't aware of, and I also needed a tool to track my dreams, my mood, music, habits, daily journals and so on.

Then I wanted to see if there are any correlations between the values I track. I wanted to see if there are any hidden patterns in my life so I could optimize my habits.

TaoTime is basically a tool for speeding up the Jungian individuation process.

More in official documentation: https://taotime.jilecek.cz/

What are the main features of TaoTime?

TaoTime keeps all of your data local. It does not send anything to any cloud, you own everything. I wasn't comfortable with saving my personal data online, so I made this. Everything is kept in a local database.

One of the many features of taotime is a daily questionnaire - you can create a set of questions, that you can answer every day to review how you spent your time.

You can assign a Jungian archetype to each question and then track the most prominent archetypes in your life.

I didn't really like the tracking system in other productivity apps, where you assign tags manually every day, which is of course prone to errors, so I made the questionnaire this way.

Dream symbols tracking and their top combinations:

Dream symbols tracking and their top combinations

More at https://taotime.jilecek.cz/features

What are the advanced functions of TaoTime?

TaoTime automatically analyzes your music, productivity, your most often used dream symbols and their combinations, it lets you know if you had a dream a year ago that shared most of the symbolism with some new dream, it lets you specify your own dream symbols and much more.

You can then use the manual correlator feature to correlate all of the values you track and see any patterns between them.

So for example on the days you eat a specific herb or food, you can discover that you are more productive or that your dreams are longer.

API integrations

Taotime also supports integration with many API services, like rescue time for automatic productivity tracking, lastfm and spotify for music tracking, github for your programming activity, google fit for your meditation and steps tracking, Steam for number of games you play each day, a movie database to track the movies you watch and even the weather API to track the local weather.

I've also created taotime documentation for you, so you will know exactly how taotime works and how to configure and control it for your benefit.

Start here: https://taotime.jilecek.cz/configuration

Running TaoTime on Linux and MacOS

It is not natively supported, but you can run it without any performance issues in the wine emulator! Here is my manual on how to do it:

Don't forget to consult the documentation https://taotime.jilecek.cz/installation

How to start using TaoTime - video manual


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Hello! I really like the ideea of this tool, I have been looking for something like this for some time, very impressive work. I have tried so many times to build something like this for myself but failed. I want to ask, because the path of personal journaling is quite unique for every individual, is there any way to further add features to this tool?

For example I would need a feature to track my top five people I spend my time with over time, you know the saying "You are the mixture of the 5 people you spend most time with". Is there any plan for submitting requests (with compensation of course) or an API for devs to add their on C# class to the tool? This last alternative would be such a great help <3<3<3.

Hope to hear from you :3

(2 edits)

Hello, I don’t plan to update the app anymore. However, for your use-case of tracking top 5 people in your life you can use the custom questions or daily tags. Each time the person shows up in your life, just tag the daily journal with them. Then you can see how often the person/tag shows up in the “All data” tab and also in the correlator - you can choose the tag (prefix dt_) and see what it correlates with.

Maybe you will find that every day the tag “Emily” is in your life, your mood tends to be better, etc.

Regards, Jan.